Network, explore, learn, and create!

Network, explore, learn, and create are each motions that we do every day while attending college. I, like most College of Agriculture Students, find the end of semester both a terrifying and thrilling thought. We are all excited for the sunshine, green grass, and wonderful adventures that summer provides. However, with the end of school, … Read more Network, explore, learn, and create!

Wow What a Spring Semester!

Wow what a spring semester!  I am finishing up my last field season for my dissertation and cannot believe the weather.  The moisture we have received is certainly a blessing but makes getting into the field to sample a little difficult.  This semester as a College of Ag grad. student has been busy with many activities for school, Ag ambassadors and personally.

I continue to take field samples for soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in alfalfa/grass hay production systems.  The data is beginning to look quite interesting as I compile it for publication purposes.  I am finding my extensive course load in statistics to be very helpful during data processing!  Luckily classes end this semester for course work to free up time for other endeavors.

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Life is Never Dull!

Emilee Britton
Emilee Britton

I can’t believe it’s only four weeks until Summer break!  Between keeping up with classes and all of the AWESOME opportunities that the College of Agriculture provides, this semester has truly flown by.  I have been fortunate enough to receive a job at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory (WSVL), working in the Necropsy department and will be working there this summer.  So far, working at the WSVL has been a great experience where I work side-by-side with UW’s professors of Veterinary Science.  I’m gaining a lot of hands-on experience that I will be able to use down the road in my career. 

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