About Horse Safety

Farmers and ranchers across the state raise horses both for pleasure riding and for work purposes. Whether the horses are being used for herding, packing, transporting, or even therapeutic riding, these powerful animals serve as fundamental features of many Wyoming agricultural operations.

Though many of these individuals work around horses for a lifetime without an accident, there are others still who have sustained multiple horse-related injuries. Throughout the country, an average of 79,000 riders are admitted to emergency rooms each year due to equestrian-related injuries. Given this, safety precautions are particularly important in this realm.

The University of Kentucky reports that falling or being thrown from horses account for the majority of mounted injuries, while being kicked or trodden on account for most dismounted injuries. Whether occurring on the ground or while mounted, head-related injuries are particularly common and dangerous. In order for agriculturalists to remain out of the hospital and safe in the saddle, it is essential that proper riding techniques and management procedures are enacted.

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