Manure Pits

About Manure Pit Safety

The Center for Disease Control states that many agriculture operations across the country have found manure pit systems to be effective solutions for the otherwise difficult tasks of cleaning and storing large amounts of raw manure. Though these structures are often useful for operational tasks, manure pits can also pose serious risks. The atmospheric conditions of manure pits are of particular concern, as the decomposition of waste can generate gases that are potentially toxic and explosive.

Though venturing into manure pits can be hazardous, certain situations may necessitate entry. In these cases, safety procedures should be well defined and thoroughly explained to all workers involved. It is recommended that these documents include information about entry companions, harness requirements, air quality tests, and systematic ventilation. Whenever workers enter or pump manure pits, they face risks; however, injuries and fatalities can be prevented through preparedness and education.

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