About Silo Safety

Grain bin entrapment can be a serious consequence when safety precautions are not used in and around silos and grain elevators. The Department of Labor (DOL) reports that it only takes five seconds for a worker to become engulfed in flowing grain and only sixty seconds to become completely submerged. Over half of all these accidents result in fatality due to suffocation; over 900 grain bin fatalities in the U.S. have been reported in the last fifty years.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) states that the most dangerous grain bin activities include: (1) standing on moving/flowing grain, (2) standing on or below a “bridging” condition that can collapse, and (3) trying to loosen a pile of grain that can unexpectedly cave. It is important to note that the atmospheric conditions inside of grain bin—which can present unsafe oxygen levels—can also cause workers to suffocate. Establishing prevention expectations, as well as rescue plans, for individuals working with silos and grain elevators can help alleviate some of these dangers.

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