4-H Program Support

UWE is pleased to be able to offer funding for 4-H project support. Each 4-H Educator will be responsible for determining their own county needs/desires. When placing your order really think long term about your program. What are the county and state goals? We often hear that educational support materials are what keep programs from growing. Think about what projects can grow in your county. What projects already have support and are doing well and what projects need additional support to really get going. Here is a list of 4-H Project Support Resource Ideas 2020.

We are asking that each office place one order which may consist of multiple items from multiple vendors. The cost of the item(s), taxes, and shipping included cannot exceed $2,900 per county. The list of items should be placed in order of importance. If prices or shipping charges change it may alter your total expenditure and the last item(s) on your list may be dropped. Orders should not be placed on county staff or educator’s p-cards. Counties will not be reimbursed for orders placed with county funds. Orders need to be completed by May 20th.