Time Reporting

New Timesheets – 2017/2018

  • We have a new timesheet for the college – Timesheet
  • It will be the same for all types of employees. PT, FT, Exempt and non exempt.
  • Please start utilizing this timesheet in July 2017.
  • Please insert your electronic signature and we can approve it that way for both employee and supervisor.  Hand written signatures will also work you will just need to scan them in to send to AGTIME@uwyo.edu.


Common issues to avoid before submitting your timesheet:

  • Did not write name at top.
  • Did not write department – need department name for employees with jobs in more than one department.
  • Some wrote site such as arena, beef barn, etc. but we need department as well (i.e. LREC)
  • Did not mark exempt/non-exempt/hourly
  • Handwritten hours too small/not legible
  • Landscape printing too small/not legible
  • Some scanned copies not legible
  • Signature dated before time worked date (cannot report hours not yet worked).