June 2019 News Briefs

Administration News from Kelly:

Greetings, from Laramie.  I truly relish the occasional summer-like weather, that is, when I am not obsessing over all the chores that must be accomplished before winter. Sometimes, it seems like an episode of “Life Below Zero” at my house.

On campus, it is the season of fiscal year-end requirements, personnel actions, budget preparation, and engagement with stakeholders. We provided testimony to the Joint Agriculture Committee of the Wyoming Legislature this week. Recall, this committee identified the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as one of their priorities for interim study and we anticipate future legislative action to result from this attention. Our presentation to this committee highlighted the college budget, strategic goals, and personnel trends. It was heartening to hear the resounding support these legislators have for UW Extension and the impacts you have to their communities. I am also encouraged by their apparent resolve to help us address our greatly diminished workforce and the associated reductions in our statewide coverage. The support of these legislators undoubtedly reflects your hard work to provide relevant, impactful educational programs. I genuinely appreciate your efforts to “pick up the slack” and your continued commitment to serve your communities and make a difference across Wyoming.

We are pleased to announce that David Keto was selected for the position of Manager of our Communications and Technology (C&T) Team. One of David’s first projects is to initiate a search for the instructional design position, which was recently vacated by Paul Johnson. David will continue some of his videographer responsibilities but his new position will certainly affect his opportunities for field-based video production. We recognize the critical need for video production and hope to address this deficiency in the future.

We have also initiated the search process for UW Extension Associate Directors. Kim Reaman has agreed to provide leadership for this effort. Kim is currently convening a broad-based, search committee to represent the various interests within UW Extension. This will be a national search, but as always, internal applicants are encouraged to apply. Each of you will have opportunities to provide input and interact with the candidates.

Many of you have expressed interest in UW Extension’s relationship with the UW Office of Engagement and the associated UW President’s Council on Engagement. We recently learned that the college will be represented on the President’s Engagement Council. Dean Barbara Rasco, myself, and Brian Mealor have been invited to serve on the council.

Lastly, our new Dean, Dr. Barbara Rasco will begin her official duties on June 28th.  Please join me in welcoming Dean Rasco when she arrives. We are planning a tour de Wyoming for Barbara this summer which may provide opportunities for many of you to showcase your outstanding work and positive relationships.

Please take care, be safe, and enjoy the summer.


Staff Development/Federal Relations News from Kim:

UWE Administrative Update and Dialogue Zoom Conference:

Please plan to join the next UWE Administrative Update and Dialogue on Friday, June 21 , 10:30 am. Connection information to join the Zoom Meeting is: https://zoom.us/j/668890274. You can also join via phone: 669 900 6833, OR 646 558 8656. Meeting ID: 668 890 274

Agenda Topics:

  • Personnel Updates
  • 5-2 Regulation and how it pertains to UWE employees
  • Time Entry and Leave Request Process
  • CNP Updates
  • 4-H Updates
  • C&T Updates
  • EPIC Workshops and Poster Session

Professional Development:

EPIC will be November 19-21, 2019 at the UW Conference Center in Laramie. If you have suggestions for the welcome event, concurrent sessions or plenary sessions, please feel free to contact any of the planning committee members: Hudson Hill, Denise Smith, Abby Perry, Jim Dawson, Hannah Swanbom, Sandra Biller, Tanya Engel or myself.

Looking for professional development which you can complete from your desk at your own pace? UW Human Resources has all kinds of topics through the Employee Assistance Program provider “Mines and Associates”. I’ve highlighted a few of the self-paced online sessions below:

  • Training Center – Build skills for personal and professional growth
  • Relationships – Improve any relationship in your life
  • Health – Start the journey to a healthier you
  • Resilience – Learn to bounce back better
  • Personal Growth – Increase your work/life balance
  • There are also health assessments, calculators, legal forms and recipes

Webinars are also offered on a monthly basis and all past webinars are archived so that you can watch them after the fact. The June webinar is “Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Health Connections”.

These resources can be accessed through UW Human Resources (http://www.uwyo.edu/hr/training/ ) under Computer Based Training (CBT).

Civil Rights Tip: Mailing Lists (Electronic and Non-Electronic)

In a civil rights compliance review, the standards for mailing lists require that 1) mailing lists are representative of the diversity of the population in the geographic areas being served; and 2) racial minority group members are on the mailing lists. To document this, it is necessary to be able to sort mailing lists in two ways: 1) name and address; and 2) name, race, ethnicity, and gender. This applies to ALL mailing lists for educational programs AND/OR services through UW Extension.  During your next staff meeting, identify which mailing lists you would be able to sort by race, ethnicity, and gender. Then, as necessary, discuss ways that information could be gathered from individuals on the mailing list so that you would be compliant. In the case of e-mail distribution lists where you don’t have a name, the e-mail address itself would replace the individual’s name.

Clientele provide information on race, ethnicity and gender on a voluntary basis.

  • Race: White/Black or African American/Asian/Native American Indian or Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander/Two or More Races/Other Race
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Non-Hispanic
  • Gender

It is important that we ask for the information and the following statements can be used to communicate how the collected information is helpful to assure ongoing funding from USDA/NIFA for Extension programs.

“Information on race, ethnicity and gender of program participants provides a snapshot of who participated in our programs. It also supports the commitment Extension has to provide programs to all segments of our community. Providing this information is VOLUNTARY. The information you share will not be used in any way to identify you personally but rather as a member of a group that participated in an Extension program. It is only the race and gender data that will be shared with the United States Department of Agriculture as part of our Civil Rights requirements. You can provide all the information asked for or respond to different sections at your discretion. We appreciate your participation in our programs. Please contact Kim Reaman, UW Extension Federal Relations Coordinator at kreaman@uwyo.edu with any questions or concerns that you might have.”


Cent$ible Nutrition Program News from Mindy:

CNP is excited to announce that the Grazing with Marty Moose curriculum was accepted into the SNAP-Ed Toolkit. The SNAP-Ed Toolkit is the national database for approved evidence-based programming for use in SNAP-Ed. The curriculum is unique in that it combines direct education with PSEs in youth settings. Thank you to everyone who worked on revising and updating Marty.

We are also happy to announce that Tammy Ware will be relocating to the Laramie County Extension office as the Coordinator, Senior. She is excited about her new position and the move to Cheyenne in August.

Two new students were hired at the CNP state office to help with inventory, videos, and miscellaneous tasks. Molly Troutman and Sydney Wiswell joined our staff this summer and are working with Bailey Butcher to keep us organized. We have a remodeled prep room that we are moving back into and have kept the students busy clearing out old inventory, educational materials, and equipment that has been piling up.

The CNP team is sorry to see Krista Brown leave Natrona County and wish her well in Omaha. A Natrona County CNP Assistant position will be posted on the UW job website. Please direct anyone interested to http://www.uwyo.edu/hr/prospective/.

At the state office, we are in the process of submitting our FFY20-22 SNAP-Ed plan and budget to the Wyoming Department of Family Services for review before sending it to the regional office for approval. Our EFNEP budget and annual update are also due soon, so we have been doing a lot of budgeting and planning for both programs.

We are finally having warmer weather in Laramie.

Have a great summer!



Wyoming 4-H Program News from Johnathan:

It’s summertime!  There are many 4-H activities going on everyday across the state this time of year. Kids practicing for Showcase Showdown competitions or workshops, working with animals, first attempts at project exhibits, trying to hit bulls-eyes, or learning flying lead changes. It’s a great time of year while being crazy busy as well.

Just a reminder that volunteer chaperones need to be screened and trained prior to attending so be planning ahead. As a way to assist, you might consider establishing budget support for chaperones to attend so that cost isn’t an additional barrier to the time volunteers already give. Covering lodging, fuel, and/or meals for a chaperone can increase willingness to volunteer or to accept an invitation from you to be a chaperone.

Here’s a few dates and reminders:

-State 4-H Foundation fundraiser- Boulder Big Draw 3-D Archery Shoot in Boulder, Wyoming, June 15th

-Showcase Showdown in Laramie on June 25-27

-State Shoot in Douglas on July 11-14

-Leadership Washington Focus (LWF) in Washington, D.C. on July 14-19

-State 4-H Foundation fundraiser-Platte River Shootout sporting clays in Saratoga, Wyoming on July 19-20

Johnathan Despain

UWE Personnel News from Ann:

Two (2) UW Extension Associate Director positions will be opening soon! More information to come when the positions are ready for advertisement later this month. These positions will be housed on UW Campus – Laramie, Wyoming.

Welcome to Karlene Wirrenga who started as the Natrona County 4-H Administrative Assistant in May!

The Uinta County 4-H Youth Development position has been filled. McKenna Brinton will start on August 28, 2019.


All UWE Personnel Should be Mindful of the Transitional Time Entry Process for June 1st – July 1st

 For Hourly, Non-Benefited* (Part-time, student) employees:

  • Friday, June 14th by 3 pm:  Employees must complete HCM trainings found in their Employee Learn Center in WYOWEB.
  • Tuesday, June 18th: Employees must have time worked submitted to ABO with a supervisor’s signature for the time up through June 15th.
  • Sunday, June 16th: Employees begin entering time and absences in HCM for June 16th

For Salaried Non-Exempt* (Benefited employees paid monthly and able to receive overtime compensation):Monday, June 17th: Employees must have time worked and leave submitted to ABO with a supervisor’s signature for time worked up through June 15th.

  • Sunday, June 16th – Sunday, June 30th: Any comp time earned or taken as well as leave taken during this time will be recorded on the new time/absence form available on the Payroll website available on June 24th. This form will need to be submitted to Payroll by July 15th.
  • Friday, June 28th by 3 pm:  Salaried Non-Exempt Employees must complete HCM trainings found in their Employee Learn Center in WYOWEB.
  • June 30th Employees must submit a second time sheet with all hours worked and leave taken for June 1 -30 to ABO with your supervisor’s signature.
  • Monday, July 1st: Employees begin entering time and absences in HCM for July 1st. 

For Benefited Exempt Employees (Unable to receive overtime compensation)Monday, June 17th: Employees must have planned absences through June 15th submitted to their department for supervisor signature. (Ann Roberson will submit June leave reports to ABO as in the past).

  • Sunday, June 16th – Sunday, June 30th: Unplanned and planned absences need to be submitted using a new time/absence form on the Payroll website available on June 24th. This form needs to be submitted to Payroll by July 15th.
  • Friday, June 28th by 3 pm: Exempt Employees must complete HCM trainings found in their Employee Learn Center in WYOWEB.
  • June 30th Employees must submit a second time sheet with all leave taken for June  1-30 to their department for supervisor signature. (Ann Roberson will submit the final June leave reports to ABO).
  • Monday, July 1st: All benefited employees shall begin entering their own absences and leave reports in HCM. (Leave reports will be auto populated according to submitted and approved leave requests.)
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