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Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

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With the current situation with the CORVID-19 restrictions, we are currently not taking in-person visits, but we are still happy to help answer your questions via phone call or email.

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(307) 532-2436

4516 US HWY 26/85
Torrington, WY 82240
Just west of the Torrington Port of Entry

Please print and fill out this form, and scan or send a picture of it with your questions: Plant and Pest Clinic Diagnostic Form 2019


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Additional resources on horticulture and diagnosing plant problems

University of Wyoming Extension Horticulture Programs

University of Wyoming Extension Small Acreage Resources: Past Barnyards and Backyards Magazine articles listed by topic

From the Ground Up video series: 90 second videos on horticulture topics

Soil Testing

In addition to helping with your plant and pest problems, we can also help you submit a soil sample and interpret your soil test results at the lab.

Soil Resources

Taking a soil sample and interpreting your soil test results: Soils, the foundation of life. Figuring out what you have (B&B Wyoming Rural Living Resources guide section)

Fixing what ails your soil: The soil doctor is in

Growing healthy soil in the garden

Taking Soil Samples

Oregon State University Extension Service: A Guide to Collecting Soil Samples for Farms and Gardens

Watch the video below to learn more about taking a soil sample.

Soil sample lab

The University of Wyoming no longer has a soil testing lab, so we typically recommend the Colorado State University Extension Soil testing lab.

Colorado State University Extension Soil, Water & Plant Testing Lab

Sample submittal form: Horticulture Customer Information Sheet


If you would have questions about submitting your sample, please call or email the clinic!