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Calculate your Covid-19 Stimulus payment. You will need the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your 2019 tax return and the number of children in your home for which you claim child tax credit. You will also need your Filing Status from your tax return (i.e. Single, Married Filing Joint, Head of Household, etc.)

The Federal Gov’t is working out the logistics of getting out the checks.

[STATISTICS on coronavirus]
This site provides real time stats on COVID-19 cases and media analytics – with a live news feed.

For everyone who is getting acquainted with their kitchen since restaurants are closed, keep in mind these principles to avoid creating a food safety issue.

Wondering how to feed yourself and your loved ones during these unprecedented and stressful times?
Read this guide “Eating with Intention during Uncertain Times” by researched of food and nutrition at Montana State University.
Learn about meal planning, cooking, and eating with intention in the face of uncertainty.

[TAX FILING – Free Tax Filing for Servicemembers]
Servicemembers should know that there are resources available to them for free tax preparation services, including free tax preparation software they can use to prepare their own taxes and file online as well as free tax preparation assistance on base. Free options include Defense Department’s Military OneSource MilTax program and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA).

REMEMBER, the filing deadline for tax returns has been extended from April 15 to July 15, 2020.

Workers who have lost their jobs through layoffs may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance. While that financial assistance does not replace a full paycheck, it can help people through the hard times.

Anyone who has lost work through no fault of their own can file for Unemployment Insurance benefits online at The online application is the quickest, easiest way to file. Please use the online portal if you have internet access.

With the increase in unemployment claims, the telephone lines are at their maximum capacity, and wait times are extremely long.

Those needing assistance with the unemployment application can call their local workforce center.

A list of DWS Workforce Centers:
Afton Workforce Center: 307-886-9260
Casper Workforce Center: 307-234-4591
Cheyenne Workforce Center: 307-777-3700
Cody Workforce Center: 307-587-4241
Douglas Workforce Center: 307-358-2147
Evanston Workforce Center: 307-789-9802
Gillette Workforce Center: 307-682-9313
Jackson Workforce Center: 307-733-4091
Kemmerer Workforce Center: 307-877-5501
Lander Workforce Center: 307-335-9224
Laramie Workforce Center: 307-742-2153
Newcastle Workforce Center: 307-746-9690
Powell Workforce Center: 307-754-6436
Rawlins Workforce Center: 307-324-3485
Riverton Workforce Center: 307-856-9231
Rock Springs Workforce Center: 307-382-2747
Sheridan Workforce Center: 307-672-9775
Torrington Workforce Center: 307-532-4171
Wheatland Workforce Center: 307-322-4741
Worland Workforce Center: 307-347-8173

For a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, please visit

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