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Laramie County’s horticulturist, Catherine Wissner, has teamed up with University of Wyoming’s Chris Hilgert to bring you a lecture on Vegetable Gardening. It is a comprehensive lecture on how to plant, tend, and harvest vegetables in the high plains of Wyoming. To view it, click here.

Landscaping for water-wise gardens information available from UW Extension

            Landscaping: Water-Wise Wyoming Gardens is now available from the University of Wyoming Extension for download as a PDF, HTML or ePub format at

            This bulletin provides seven steps to creating a water-wise garden.

            “Wyoming is in a high desert, and water is not plentiful,” said Karen Panter, UW Extension horticulture specialist. “Using the seven steps along with some of the recommended plant materials in the bulletin, Wyoming citizens will be able to use water more efficiently in the landscape.”

            Some areas of Wyoming receive less than 10 inches of precipitation each year, making landscape water issues necessities rather than options, explained Panter.


Wyoming Grape Guide available for free download

The Wyoming Grape Guide is now available for download as a PDF or ePub format at from the University of Wyoming Extension.

            The guide provides basic information on grape cultivation specific to Wyoming. Topics include vineyard establishment, variety selection and harvest.

            “This guide was created for all grape enthusiasts, the backyard gardeners to commercial producers, to increase their success with cultivating grapes in Wyoming,” said Jeremiah Vardiman, UW Extension agriculture and horticulture educator.


**In case you missed it…**

The slideshow that accompanies the Gardening for Success Raised Bed Gardening lecture is available in the “Available Lectures” tab on this page. The slide show is a useful aid to help you along!

UW Extension publication offers raspberry production guide for Wyoming

            The University of Wyoming Extension’s Raspberry Production Guide for Wyoming is available for download as a PDF, HTML or ePub format at   This guide covers how to grow raspberries in Wyoming, pest management in raspberries and helps growers select appropriate varieties for Wyoming.

“Having information about the pests specific to raspberries is important to prevent crop losses and also enables a grower to be proactive in managing them,” said Scott Schell, UW Extension entomology specialist.  Chris Hilgert, UW Extension horticulture specialist, conducted a raspberry trial, funded by a Wyoming Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop grant, on 11 varieties of red and yellow raspberries for winter hardiness and yields.  “Raspberries are reliable producers and can be found growing in gardens and specialty crop operations throughout Wyoming,” said Hilgert.

For more information, contact Catherine Wissner at

Laramie County Food Producers

Below is a PDF of the Laramie County Food Producers. These include vendors at the farmer’s markets in the area as well as others. Please support your local producers!



Feeding Your Horse via Zoom – video                                                          

 Feeding Your Horse with Julie Daniels 


Publications Available                                                                                                                                 There are two publications available in PDF form, the Wyoming Noxious Weeds Handbook and Plants with Altitude: Regionally Native Plants for Wyoming Gardens.  The links for the PDF’s are below; if anyone would like a copy of Plants with Altitude in book form, they may be ordered through the University.

Wyoming Noxious Weeds:

Plants with Altitude:









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