Community Development Education

Interested in learning how to be a mediator?
Join us for the in-person workshop to learn the basics of integrated negotiation, communication in conflict and introductory mediation skills.

Topics to be covered include:

• Understanding and managing conflict
• Principles and stages of integrative negotiation
• Strategies for difficult negotiations
• Communication theory
• Steps of the mediation process
• Use of mediation for a variety of disputes
• And more!Upon completion of a 30-hour workshop, participants will be certified to mediate through the Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program.
For more information, please contact:

Lucy Pauley
WY Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program Phone: 307-777-8788

Hannah Swanbom
UW Extension – CDE Phone: 307-358-24 l 7

To register:  Basic Training Registration 2019-fillable


Acting as facilitators, planners, and educators, UW Extension community development team members strengthen Wyoming towns and cities through programs such as:

Extension Volunteer Organization for Leadership. Vitality, and Enterprise (EVOLVE) – a community-based leadership development program
Board training – addressing obligations and issues of serving on appointed and elected boards
Family Resource Management – providing sound money management programs to Wyoming families