NACAA/WACAA Poster Contest Results

Four posters from Wyoming were entered into the contest.  Two in the Applied Research Category and two in the Extension Education Category.  The posters have been judged and the winners sent on to the Regional Contest which will occur sometime after May 1. The state contest was judged by 3 members of WACAA who did not enter into the contest.  The NACAA official score sheets were used, scores were tallied, and averaged.

Entries included:

Extension Education: 

  1. Mae Smith; Brining Rangelands into the Backyard: Educating Urban Audiences about Rural Landscapes View Mae’s Poster
  2. Caleb Carter, John Hewlett, Cole Ehmke: Ag Legacy View Caleb’s Poster

Applied Research:

  1. Jeremiah Vardiman:  Effect of Application Speed on Desiccation to Alfalfa Seed Fields View Jeremiah’s Poster
  2. Brian Sebade, Jennifer Thompson:  Wildflower Species for Potential Agriculture, Landscaping, and Reclamation Applications in Southeast Wyoming. View Brian’s Poster

And the two state winners are Mae Smith and Brian Sebade.  Congratulations!!! 

Take a few minutes to give each of the entrants and winners a good word and congratulations