Fun Times at the National Association Meeting

In July 12 WACAA members, 1 life member, and 4 guests traveled to Salt Lake City for the NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference.  Below are some photos of that trip.

The Wyoming Delegation:  Bo Reed (Donna and Mark’s grandson), Caleb Carter, Mae Smith, Ashley Garrelts, Patty Green (spouse), David Lew (Donna and Mark’s nephew), Blake Hauptman, Jeremiah Vardiman, Windy Kelley, Donna Hoffman, Brian Sebade, Milt Green (life member), Mark Hoffman (spouse).  Members attending but not pictured include: Barton Stam, Jeff Edwards, Bridger Fuez, and Hudson Hill.


Congratulations to the following award winners recognized at the National Meeting!

Distinguished Service Award: Barton Stam. Picture with his wife, Laura, and Mark Nelson-NACAA Past President
Achievement Award Winner: Brian Sebade. Pictured with Mark Nelson-NACAA Past President
National Finalist in the Poster Contest: Mae Smith


Slide Show of all the fun!

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