About This Cookbook

Food is all around us. Every day we are faced with dozens of decisions about food and the healthy choice is not always clear. It is easy to fall into food habits that don’t make us feel great and that aren’t always easy on your budget. This is where the Cent$ible Nutrition Program (CNP) and this cookbook can help. If you’re ready to make some small changes that can have a big impact on your health and life while sticking to your budget, you’re in the right place.

This cookbook is more than a collection of recipes. It is also your guide to nutrition based on the research and guidance from the United State Department of Agriculture. The cookbook is divided into sections: CNP Pantry, Fruits & Vegetables, Grains, Dairy, Protein, and Resources.

The CNP Pantry section provides staple recipes that make cooking easier and faster, especially when using this cookbook. The food group sections contain information about nutrients and recommended daily servings, food safety information, and tasty recipes The Resources section will lead you through Dietary Guidelines for Americans, how to read a Nutrition Facts Label, plus budgeting and cooking tips. There you will also find common cooking terms, information on food seasonal produce and herbs & spices, and a guide to high altitude cooking.

Food Groups & Recipes
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Nutrition Label Guide

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