Currently we have over 50 participants.  The Council is comprised of folks representing private, county, state and federal entities.  We have representation from approximately 15 different agencies.  Additionally, we have several non-governmental organizations participating on the Council.



Advisory Board

  • BLM: Mike Wengert
  • USFS: Mike Johnston, Clint Dawson
  • National Park Service: TBD
  • County: Josh Kipley
  • State: Jacob McCarthy
  • NGOs: Trey Davis
  • WY Game and Fish: Jill Randall
  • University: Ryan Wilbur
  • Private: David Kane, Tiddle Camino
  • Industry: Josh Shroyer

Executive Board

  • Chair: Randy Wendling, Sweetwater County Commissioner
  • Chair-Elect: Derek Scasta, UW Extension Range Specialist
  • Secretary: Jacob McCarthy, State Forestry
  • Outreach Coordinator: Josh Shroyer, Flaming Tree Solutions LLC
  • Treasurer: Reg Phillips, Wyoming Stock Growers Association