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The University of Wyoming Extension puts research-based knowledge into the hands of people. We are credible experts and educators who provide information, education, and tools you can use every day to improve your life.

The University of Wyoming Extension Nutrition and Food Safety educators promote health and wellness through education, research, and collaboration with outreach aimed at helping you become better informed. Information and Wyoming programs about active living, healthy food, food safety, and health are just a click away.

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Community Development Education

A free online, self-paced and interactive course designed to help people increase their odds of building a successful community improvement effort is available from the University of Wyoming Extension.

This course examines why some community improvement efforts succeed and why some fail and looks at social interactions and group processes related to community projects.

“Successful community improvement ventures follow similar paths of organizing, public relations, engagement and planning,” said Duane Williams, extension community development specialist. “Skipping a key step can generate obstacles, delays and weak community support.”

Acting as facilitators, planners, and educators, UW Extension community development team members strengthen Wyoming towns and cities through programs such as:

  • Extension Volunteer Organization for Leadership. Vitality, and Enterprise (EVOLVE) – a community-based leadership development program
  • Board training – addressing obligations and issues of serving on appointed and elected boards
  • Family Resource Management – providing sound money management programs to Wyoming families

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