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What is the process for getting a bulletin published?
Tanya Engel can provide information about the editing and layout process for existing and new UW Extension publications. Contact Tanya at (307) 766-5157 or

  1. Fill out a Publication Request form (pdf or doc) and Peer Reviewer form (pdf or doc).
  2. Provide signed forms (request and peer reviewer) with double spaced text document (with peer review comments included) to Tanya. The item will be logged in and assigned an editor.
  3. Each item will be edited twice, with suggested corrections being made by the author.
  4. Upon completion of editing process, item will be assigned to a graphic designer for layout.


Where can I find the forms needed for a publication?
All publication forms are available at the bottom of this page.


I would like a brochure for a program I am offering. How do I start?
Once the text is written (keeping in mind brochure text should be short and to the point), contact Tanya at We will need your double-spaced Word file and any accompanying high-resolution photos. Your project will be assigned an editor and a graphic designer who will be in touch with you shortly.


Can I use photos from a Web site for my newsletter?
The short answer is “no.” Generally, images on a Web site are copyright protected, and it is illegal to use them. In addition to the copyright issue, most photos taken from a Web site are of a very low resolution and not suitable for use in print publications. That said, there are some educational and government sites that give permission for the use of their high resolution photos for educational purposes. Be sure to credit the photographer or agency in your publication. There are also many excellent stock photo sites that provide downloadable photos for a fee.


How do I get a clean copy of the University of Wyoming logo?
University of Wyoming and UW Extension logos can be found in the useful links folder called UW Extension Logos and Templates. The University of Wyoming New Thinking logo is no longer being used by the University of Wyoming.


What must be included in all of my print and media publications?
All print and media publications must include a UW Extension logo and an Equal Opportunity disclaimer. The appropriate disclaimer and logos can be found at UW Extension Logos and Templates.


Publication Forms

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