Travel and Reimbursement

Policies and Information

  • Who Pays?
    A guide to assist field employees in understanding funding sources for extension travel and training.
  • Official University Vehicle Policy
  • Travel On-line Briefing (ppt)
  • Cash Advance Travel Voucher Form (xls)
  • Wyoming Mileage Chart (xls)
  • Mileage Reimbursement Rate As of January 1, 2015
    Pursuant to UniReg 177, the standard mileage rate used for reimbursement for use of personal vehicles on University business effective January 1, 2015 is $0.575 per mile.In addition to the business expense rate is the non-taxable moving expense rate. For moving expense mileage reimbursement the amount of non-taxable reimbursement is $0.23. The taxable rate is $0.345.

Travel Reporting

Need a Car Pool Reservation?

  • Click Here to request an approval code for Extension funded vehicle use.

Procurement Card Policies and Procedures

Found in WyoWeb in Procurement Services Group. You can join the Procurement Services Group by:
  • Log into WyoWeb
  • Selecting the Groups icon on the upper right menu.
  • Select Group Index
  • Select Administrative
  • Select Procurement Services
  • Information for Procurement Card Policies and Procedures can be found by clicking “Links” or “Forms” in the left column.