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Market Beef 2023

Verify: name spelled correctly, tag number right, sex & breed of animal correct, 4-H/FFA designated. Email with changes by Friday, February 10 at 5pm!


Tag Number Last Name, First Name Specify 4-H or FFA Animal Breed Specific Description
949000011453080 Barber, Leela 4-H Cross Maine Steer
949000011453051 Bartlett Family 4-H Black Angus Steer
949000011453050 Bartlett, Carston 4-H Black Angus Steer
949000011453030 Berger Family 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453032 Berger, Bayla 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453031 Berger, Bryndle 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453029 Carricato, Tuker FFA Cross Steer
949000011453078 Corson Family FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453079 Corson, Donald (Wade) FFA Cross Maine steer
949000011453046 Donough, Emily 4-H Smoky Grey Steer
949000011453047 Donough, McKinley 4-H Red Heifer
949000011453071 Ely, Peyton FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453072 Ely, Peyton FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453069 Englehart, Katelynn FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453070 Englehart, Katelynn FFA Cross Charolais Steer
840003002626790 Evans, Kylie FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453060 Farrell, Emerson 4-H Angus Cross Steer
949000011453042 Fritz, Traven 4-H Charolais Steer
949000011453043 Fritz, Traven 4-H Charolais Heifer
949000011453034 Henrie, Gunner 4-H Cross Steer
840003002626797 Hopkins, Kimber 4-H Black steer
840003002626791 Hopkins, Kimber 4-H Black&White Steer
840003002626798 Hopkins, Kimber 4-H Black w/ white spot Steer
949000011453040 Jordan, Kristi FFA Cross Steer
949000011453039 Jordan, Quade FFA Cross Steer
949000011453041 Jordan, Quade FFA Cross Steer
949000011453081 Kaisler, Destre FFA Cross Charolais Steer
949000011453082 Kaisler, Destre FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453083 Kaisler, Destre FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453027 Kennedy, Chase 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453028 Kennedy, Chase 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453036 Knotwell Family 4-H Steer
949000011453033 Knotwell, Shelby FFA Cross Steer
949000011453035 Knotwell, Shelby 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453037 Knotwell, Shelby 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453038 Knotwell, Shelby FFA Cross Charolais Heifer
949000011453020 Malcolm, Taylor FFA Cross Steer
949000011453021 Malcolm, Taylor 4-H Cross Steer
949000011453061 Maxson, Seth FFA Cross Charolais Heifer
949000011453062 Maxson, Seth FFA Charolais Steer
949000011453065 Morrison, Havyn FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453022 Munroe, Peyton FFA AOC Steer
949000011453023 Munroe, Peyton FFA AOC Steer
949000011453068 Myers Family FFA Cross Angus Steer
949000011453067 Myers, Bailey FFA Cross Angus Steer
949000011453075 Perry Family 4-H Cross Angus Steer
949000011453073 Perry, Kase 4-H Cross Angus Steer
949000011453074 Perry, Kash 4-H Cross Angus Steer
949000011453024 Pickett Family FFA Cross Steer
949000011453025 Pickett, Eckerly FFA Cross Steer
949000011453026 Pickett, Kaben FFA Cross Steer
949000011453063 Ready, Granit FFA Cross Maine Steer
949000011453064 Ready, Granit FFA Cross Charolais Steer
949000011453048 Seldomridge, Silas 4-H Black Angus Steer
949000011453049 Seldomridge, Sydney 4-H Black Angus Steer
949000011453066 Skalberg, Isiaha FFA Cross Angus Steer
949000011453044 Smith, Josh 4-H Angus steer
949000011453045 Smith, Josh 4-H Charolais Steer
949000011453077 Weber, Tess 4-H Cross steer
949000011453076 Weber, Tuff 4-H Cross Angus steer
949000011453100 Widdison, McKaylee FFA Red Angus Steer
949000011453101 Widdison, McKaylee 4-H Red Angus Steer
949000011453102 McNees, Alaina 4-H Hereford/Angus Steer
949000011453103 McNees, Jett 4-H Hereford/Angus Steer
949000011453104 Wagner, Thomas 4-H Angus/Simmental Steer

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