March 14, 2017

Cavalier meeting at the Extension Office

Members present: Lauren Eathorne, Efren Hernandez, Stone Perry, Brodie Zwetzig, and Ashlyn Winney

Adults present: Vickey Winney, Theresa Eathorne, and Lorrina Zwetzig

Meeting was called to order at 4:38

Ashlyn Winney provided snacks

Members were asked to give suggestions for community service projects due to Horse Expo being cancelled. Suggestion included: Serving dinner at the Senior Center, Planting flowers at the Senior Center, Playing Wii bowling with the Senior Center, trash pick up close to Wagonhound Ranch, helping with recycling signs, as town is using bins for dumping grounds, Car Wash.

Members were also asked to make suggestions for hosting a community fun project at County Fair: The Winney family would like to bring incubated eggs for hatching, root beer floats were served at the historical museum, dunk tank with local politicians to be “dunked”.

Lastly, April 14th is Purple Up day to honor the children of our military. Please take phots of you and family wearing purple to send to Stacey on this day.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:02

-Secretary notes taken by Lorrina Zwetzig

-Edited and submitted by Josey Lanksiter

February 14, 2017

Cavalier meeting at the Extension Office

Members present: Brynn Zwetzig, Brodie Zwetzig, Josey Lankister, Faye Lankister, Clara Lankister, Stone Perry and Effren Hernandez

Adults present: Lorinna Zwetzig and Stacey Etchemendy

Meeting was called to order by Brodie Zwetzig at 4:36pm

American Pledge was led by Efren Hernandez

4-H Pledge was led by Brynn Zwetzig

Minutes from the last meeting were read by Brynn Zwetzig and approved

Treasurer report was given by Brynn Zwetzig

Old Business:

Horse Expo Cancelled

Elections were held and the following will be officers for 2016-17:

President: Brynn Zwetzig

Vice President: Brodie Zwetzig

Secretary: Josey Lankister

Treasurer: Faye Lankister

Historian: Jenny Porter

Reporter: Brittany Porter

We played an ice breaker game

The meeting was adjourned at 5:26 by Brynn Zwetzig

-Secretary Report submitted by Josey Lankister


4-H Cavaliers Club members doing a little shopping for their Noel’s family. – They know how to make community service fun!