Nothing goes as planned

Coming into the University of Wyoming, I had my entire life planned out. In fact, going into the first grade I had my entire life planned out. I was going to become a veterinarian for small and large animals with one of each species for myself. I ended up changing my degree from Animal Science … Read more

Women in AG

Let’s talk about women in ag! Growing up as a fifth-generation cattle rancher in rural Colorado I quickly learned there was no such thing as gendered jobs. In a family of three girls and one boy, we all had to pitch in and do the not-so-fun jobs, regardless of if that job would be considered … Read more

COWBOY TOUGH: Mental Health Matters

Wyoming is a state that is incredibly well-known for many different things. It is the first state to allow women to vote thus advancing the women’s rights movement you can still see in action today. It is home to seven national parks including Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Grand Teton National Park, Fossil Butte, Fort Laramie, and … Read more

Where The Pronghorn Play

In honor of zoology and wildlife biology moving to the College of Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Natural Resources, I would like to highlight one of the amazing animals native to UW’s hometown: the pronghorn. A little-known fact about me is that I love pronghorn antelopes and my interest in them has grown considerably since moving … Read more