Meet the Ambassadors

2019-2020 Ag Ambassadors

Codi Broten :

Codi Broten

Hello everyone, my name is Codi Jo Broten and I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Animal Science with a food microbiology focus. Originally, I am from Montesano,
Washington. In 2016, I graduated with a BS in biology from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. My graduate research with Dr. Bledar Bisha focuses on the development of paperbased rapid diagnostics for the detection of foodborne bacterial pathogens. Besides serving as an Ag Ambassador, I am an INBRE fellow and member of the C4 college ministry and Animal
Science Graduate Student Association. Outside of school, I enjoy fly fishing, hiking, hot yoga, and volunteering weekly at the Laramie Animal Welfare Society. My appreciation of agriculture
developed as a student here at the University of Wyoming, as I realized its importance for all of the country and the direct link between food safety and production. As an Ag Ambassador, I am looking forward to interacting with students, alumni, and the community in order to communicate the wonderful opportunities available within the College of Ag and Natural Resources.

Jared Marquardt :

Jared Marquardt

Hello!  My name is Jared Marquardt, and I am a Junior here attending the University of Wyoming.  This is my second year serving as an Ag Ambassador. I am studying Ag Business. I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA at a young age, and thus, my passion for agriculture was created. I plan to graduate and contribute to the agricultural sector hopefully in our great state of Wyoming.

Ashley Hyche :

Ashley Hyche

My western heritage runs deep as my ancestors trailed some of the first cattle to southeastern Wyoming six generations ago in the mid-1800's. My love of ranching and the western lifestyle stems from a bloodline of women who helped forge the way for their families in an environment that requires strength, passion, and bravery. I am very passionate about the western way of life as I am pursuing a degree in agriculture communications with minors in environment and natural resources, public relations, agriculture economics, and marketing. I grew up on my family's working cattle ranch where I gained a love for raising cattle and horses and everything else that embodies the daily life on a ranch. I also run a online western boutique called LUK Ranch Boutique that has allowed me to forge new friendships, improve my marketing knowledge, and expand my horizons wherever they will lead me.

Makenna Greenwald :

Makenna Greenwald

Hello! My name is Makenna Greenwald, I am a junior here at the University of Wyoming studying Agricultural Business and Marketing. I grew up on my family farm/feedlot just outside of Lingle, Wyoming and this is where my passion for agriculture was began. I was active in 4-H and FFA through meats and livestock evaluation as well as exhibiting market goats. I am currently a member of the 2019 University of Wyoming Meats Judging team, Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association, and Ag Ambassadors. Laramie is the perfect place for me to enjoy mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. Once I graduate, I hope to work in marketing for an agricultural based company, and give back to the industry that I love.

Go Pokes!!!

Emilee Inez :

Emilee Inez

Hi everyone! My name is Emilee Inez, and I am an Animal and Veterinary Science major, dual concentrated in Production and Communication. I am a senior this year and serving as Chairman for the Ag Ambassadors. Growing up in Santa Paula, California exposed me to some agriculture, but it was not until I joined a local 4-H club that I found my passion for livestock production. As well as being an Ag Ambassador I work with the LeaRN program, am an Admissions Student Ambassador, in the Collegiate 4-H club, and the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association. In the future I hope to work in California and help bridge the gap between farmers to consumers.

Ryan Benjamin :

Ryan Benjamin

Hello my name is Ryan Benjamin and I am a Senior in the Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management Program with a minor in Farm and Ranch Management. I grew up in Eastern Oregon on a small ranch. My interest in agriculture started at a young age. My dad grew up on a large production farm in North Central Montana. Between visits there to see my grandparents and my parents place I became passionate about agriculture. Starting sometime in middle school I began to build my own beef herd and take on more responsibility around our place. FFA in high school helped to broaden my knowledge and made me realize how many opportunities were available in agriculture. I decided to study range to better understand how to care for the land that we graze as ranchers so that we can continue to graze for perpetuity. Through my involvement in Range Club, Collegiate Young Farmers and Ranchers and Ag Ambassadors I have had the opportunity to meet so many people and make new connections. After I graduate I plan to get my Master’s degree and open a new chapter

Lexie Dockery :

Lexie Dockery

Hello!  My name is Lexie Dockery, and I am a Senior here at the University of Wyoming.  This is my third year as an Ag Ambassador and I am the Secretary for the group this year, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue this opportunity!  I am a dual major in Finance and AgBusiness with my concentration also being in AgBusiness, I am minoring in Farm and Ranch Management as well.  I grew up on a cattle ranch in Niobrara County, Wyoming and have always loved agriculture and the outdoors.  I love going camping, fishing, and hiking with my family and friends!  After graduation, I hope to work in the field of agriculture and give back to the great state of Wyoming anyway I can.  Go Pokes!

Josey Bailey :

Josey Bailey

My name is Josey Bailey. I am from Moorcroft, Wyoming. I am a transfer student from Casper College in Casper Wyoming and Northeastern Junior College in Sterling Colorado. I am a senior this year and will graduate in May of 2020 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Business. I grew up showing horses through AQHA and also at local levels, and showing livestock at regional, state and local levels. Showing gave me a passion for the horse and livestock industries so I aspire to work in the animal health industry as either a Veterinarian Pharmaceutical Outside Sales Representative or in animal health technology. I am also a member of the Horse Judging Team that competes nationally, as well as advocates for the University of Wyoming and the horse show industry.  I look forward to continuing advocacy for the agriculture and natural resource industries throughout my ambassadorship.

Magdelene Alford :

Magdelene Alford

Hi y'all! My name's Magdelene Alford and I came to UW from my hometown of Lawrenceburg, TN. I'm a sophomore here studying Agricultural Education and Animal Science with a focus in range livestock. My love for agriculture started when I was about five of six and I got my first bottle calf. He was adorable and just made me fall in love with cows. I grew up spending summers and weekends on my family's assorted farms feeding cows and fixing fence, and when I wasn't doing that, I was riding or showing horses.When I'm not in class or busy studying, I like to spend my time working on things for Alpha Tau Alpha, the Ag Ed club on campus. When I graduate from UW, I plan on teaching high school ag in Wyoming and eventually teaching at a university or doing some kind of research work.

Sierra Shelit :

Sierra Shelit

Hi there! My name is Sierra Shelit and I am currently a Junior here at the University of Wyoming. I am studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences, with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and a minor in Agriculture Business. I come to the University from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming where my father manages a club calf operation and my mother is a receptionist at a vet clinic. My passion for agriculture, especially veterinary medicine, stems from my rich upbringing in the agriculture industry. As a child, I was involved in 4H and in high school I was involved in FFA. Along with being an Ag Ambassador, I am also a member of the Pre-Vet Club, serving as the Executive Committee, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am employed by the University at the Wyoming Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, where I work as a student necropsy technician, assisting Veterinary Pathologist in preforming autopsies on animals. I am very thankful for the University of Wyoming and the education and opportunities I am receiving during my time here. As this school year gets into full swing, I am excited to promote the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and to share my experiences on my journey as an Ag Ambassador

Joseph Cook :

Joseph Cook

Whether it be growing up in France kayaking the local canals and rivers, taking a gap year doing voluntourism building wells in drought ridden Namibia, or simply choosing college classes, a fascination with water was often at the centre of decision making. Over my college years this has led me through a French agricultural college coming out with a dual master’s in engineering and hydrology, before arriving at the University of Wyoming for a PhD researching irrigation management and scientific support to help improve irrigation efficiency and reduce conflict. Fully smitten with the wide-open spaces and mountains of the West, my wife and I intend to remain in the West. For me this will ideally lead to an extension role working with irrigation stakeholders on local issues trying to provide scalable solutions for dissemination throughout the state and West. In my spare time I train as part of the University of Wyoming triathlon club. I am also a firm believer in the need for Universities to be anchored in their local communities with students stepping beyond the bounds of their campuses, and as such I serve as President and board member of the Laramie Railroad Depot.

Callie Klinghagen :

Callie Klinghagen

My name is Callie Klinghagen. I am a senior this year and I am studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences. I am active in the Pre-Veterinary club and have been an Ag Ambassador for two years now. I am originally from Worland, Wyoming where my involvement in my FFA chapter lead me to pursue my degree here. I have been able to work in research at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory and take advantages of many opportunities while at U.W. This last summer, I was able to travel with a group from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to learn about Scottish Agriculture. When I graduate in May, I hope to continue my education by going on to veterinary school.

Hannah Michalski :

Hannah Michalski

Hello! My name is Hannah Michalski and I am very excited to be an ag ambassador! I am a junior studying Animal & veterinary sciences, Zoology, and Biology with a minor in Psychology. Livestock has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember but developed into an appreciation for all things agriculture after I moved to the midwest. I am heavily involved both in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and around campus with groups such as Collegiate 4-H, Pre-Vet Club, and playing piccolo in Western Thunder Marching Band. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Kaitlyan Reed :

Kaitlyan Reed

My name is Kaitlyan Reed and I am excited to continue to be an Ag Ambassador as I finish up my undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming. I am currently studying in the field of animal and veterinary science with a focus in livestock production. My passion for agriculture began early in life seeded by 4-H and furthering to FFA. Within these programs I participated in various projects including showing horses, market beef, and market swine. I have found a way to continue my passion through raising commercial and club cattle with my family. The University of Wyoming has allowed me to participate on a team that has endowed upon me many things throughout my undergraduate degree, the University of Wyoming Ranch Horse Team. I am truly honored to represent such a prestigious University but more specifically a phenomenal agriculture program. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has gifted me with many opportunities rather it be scholarships or networking tools and I can’t wait to see what this future year has in store for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Darci Tamlin :

Darci Tamlin

Hi all! My name is Darci Tamlin, I am from Wheatland, Wyoming. I am a junior at the University of Wyoming where I am studying a duel major in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science with a concentration in communication. Growing up, I have always been active in the agricultural way of life through 4-H, FFA and rodeo. The university has been a great fit for me, broadening my horizons more than I could’ve ever imagined. I am excited for the rest of the year and to represent the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as an Ag Ambassador!

Erika Eckhardt :

Erika Eckhardt

Hello Everyone, my name is Erika Eckhardt and this is my first year as an Ag Ambassador. I am a senior at the University of Wyoming, pursuing a dual major in Animal and Veterinary Science with a concentration in Pre-Vet Medicine as well as Ag Business. I grew up by Sterling, Nebraska on a small acreage and helped my grandparents farm a mile down the road. This is where my passion for agriculture was truly able to shine. Having participated in 4-H, FFA, and growing up by such a small town I was able to experience all sides of the agriculture industry. Since coming to the University of Wyoming, I have been able to become more involved in agriculture than I could have ever imagined. Along with being a first year Ag Ambassador, I am a member of the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association, the Pre-Vet Club, the Block and Bridle Club, and lastly was a member of the 2018 Meat Judging Team. In my free time, I volunteer for the Laramie Animal Welfare Society, and work in both the Parasitology and Virology Lab at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory. I am also a Rover/Supervisor for Half Acre Campus Gym

Andrew Anderson :

Andrew Anderson

Hey, I’m Andrew Anderson and I’m a first year Ag-Ambassador and sophomore at the University of Wyoming! Currently, I’m only studying Ag Business Management, but I could tack on a minor or two along my journey. I am from Wray, Colorado, which is a very small town located in the northeast corner of the state. Agriculture has always been a huge part of my life due to the fact that our family business is selling center-pivot irrigation systems for farmers all across the plains. I started working for my father and grandfather at age 12, and have been connected to it ever since. I plan on returning to Wray after I graduate, however I am currently looking forward to my next few years in Laramie and supporting the college of Ag!

Courtney Newman :

Courtney Newman

I’m Courtney Newman, I’m a Junior at the University of Wyoming studying Agriculture Business and Economics with a minor in Animal Science. I have been lucky enough to grow up in the Agriculture Community around Fort Collins, Colorado. Growing up I was heavily involved in 4-H, ultimately sparking a passion for Agriculture! Upon graduation I hope to continue my education by pursuing an Agriculture Law degree and give back to the community that has made me who I am! I have enjoyed my time at UW so far and I’m looking forward to the next two!

Delaney Oehrke :

Delaney Oehrke

Hi, my name is Delaney Oehrke and this is my first year being an Ag Ambassador. Unfortunately, it will also be my last year at the University of Wyoming as I am now a senior. I grew up just north of Kansas City, Missouri and am getting my degree in Agriculture Business with a minor in Economics. Growing up, I always loved going to my grandparents’ ranch and never realized that an agricultural degree was an option until I came to the University of Wyoming. After I graduate, I plan on continuing my education by pursuing an agriculture law degree and will hopefully be able to help farmers and ranchers, like my grandparents, in the future.

Jordan Williams :

Jordan Williams

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Williams, I am a junior from Telluride, CO. I am currently studying Animal and Veterinary Science with a concentration in Production. I was exposed to Agriculture by growing up on a cow/calf operation in Bedrock, CO. As well as being an Ag Ambassador, I also currently serve as the Vice President of the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association and work as a Youth Development Professional for Greater Wyoming Big Brother Big Sisters. After graduation I am hoping to attend graduate school and study either Animal Genetics or the Physiology of Reproduction. I love representing the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources! I think it is the greatest place to be with the greatest group of people! Go pokes!

Meagan Soehn :

Meagan Soehn

Hello, my name is Meagan Soehn. Currently I am a senior at the University of Wyoming with a major in Microbiology on a Pre-Veterinary track and a minor in Honors. Along with Ag Ambassadors I serve as the President for the Pre-Veterinary Club. Outside of coursework and RSO’s I am employed by the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab. I work in a research lab headed by Dr. Brant Schumaker that is currently looking into new diagnostic assays for Brucellosis. Attending the University of Wyoming has truly been a blessing in many ways. The plethora of scholarships have allowed me to save money that I will need if I get into veterinary school. Through the RSO’s and my job I have also made connections within the veterinary field that has only strengthened my passion for this career. Wyoming has been my home my whole life, and I am glad that I continued that throughout college. I am sad that pursuing my career will mean moving away, but I hope to move back to Wyoming once I finish my schooling! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that the university has provided and I am looking forward to one last year of sharing that with potential students through Ag Ambassadors!

Bree Thompson :

Bree Thompson

Hey there, my name is Bree Thompson and I am a senior at the University of Wyoming! I am majoring in Ag Business with a concentration in International Agriculture. I am also minoring in International Studies. I grew up in Hot Springs, South Dakota, but I spent most of my weekends in Bowman, North Dakota, on my grandparent’s farm. I have been blessed to be able to run my own cattle on their land and partake on the decisions and operations on the farm, whether it be with the cattle or the fields. Having this strong agricultural background led me to the College of Ag, but not without some detours, however, I am beyond grateful I ended up where I did! I am excited to be a part of Ag Ambassadors and cannot wait for this chance to promote the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources!

Lauren Hladik :

Lauren Hladik

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren Hladik and I am a senior at the University of Wyoming studying Animal Science with an Equine focus, and a minor in Ag Business. I developed a passion for agriculture and the western way of life while growing up on my family ranch in Kittredge, Colorado, where we board horses. Having competed in rodeo, 4-H, and being involved with my local rodeo association, I am honored to be able to continue my involvement in agriculture by representing the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Upon graduating, I hope to return to the family ranch and establish a therapeutic riding center. In addition to being an Ag Ambassador, I have been a member of the UW Rodeo Team, Ranch Horse Team, and Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association. In my free time, I enjoy barrel racing, ranch sorting, hunting, and playing with my dog. I am excited to further my education here at UW, and can’t wait to see the opportunities the College of Ag has for me in my future of representing agriculture!

Clara Delahaye :

Clara Delahaye

Hey there! My name is Clara Delahaye, and as a second-year Ag ambassador, I am so excited to have the opportunity to represent the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I am currently a junior here at the University of Wyoming studying Animal and Veterinary Science with minors in Honors and French. Born and raised in Wyoming, I was very involved with 4-H for nine years which sparked my interest in agricultural and now drives my passion for veterinary medicine. In addition to Ag ambassadors, I am the public relations officer of the Pre-veterinary club, tressure of the Best Buddies RSO, and member of the Collegiate 4-H club. I was also recently employed by the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory as a student necropsy technician where I work with the veterinary pathologists in the diagnostic portion of the lab. I am very fortunate to be a part of the UW College of Ag and it has been amazing to have such incredible access to a wide variety of opportunities that can be tailored to specific interests. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, biking, or playing basketball.

Wes Taylor :

Wes Taylor

My name is Wes Taylor and I'm excited to start my second year as an Ag Ambassador! I am currently a junior and an executive member of Alpha Gamma Rho, the agricultural fraternity. I became passionate about the world of agriculture through FFA in high school. In that, I competed in the agronomy, agribusiness management, and vet science career development events. I even went on to compete at the national level in the first two. My love for agriculture followed me out of high school, and since graduating, I have held internships in the agronomy and precision agriculture software industries. My most recent internship took me all the way out to New York for a summer to work under an Ivy League professor and expert reviewer for the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. My goal is to graduate with my bachelors in Ag Business and attend grad school for Ag Econ. After that, I hope to become an extension agent working in economic development before, ultimately, pursuing a doctorate in Ag Econ. I'm thrilled to continue being a part of this incredible group of students!

Blake Ferris :

Blake Ferris

My name is Blake Ferris, and I am currently a senior here at UW, majoring in Animal Science with a minor in Ag Business. Originally, I am from Wiggins, Colorado where I grew up on my family’s cow-calf operation. My inherent passion, interest, and involvement in agriculture has been a blessing all throughout my life, and I am looking forward to continuing that by returning to the family ranch after I graduate. Given my interest in production agriculture, I am currently serving as the President of the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association and as a member of the UW Collegiate Farm Bureau. Whether it was through club trips, interesting class discussions, or hands-on learning at the school farm, I’ve had a tremendous opportunity to learn and expand my horizons, all providing valuable memories and lessons I’ll reflect on throughout my future career in the beef cattle industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed these past three years at UW, and I’m enthralled to serve as an Ag Ambassador for my third and final year!