Branch Out

As a stereotypical pre-veterinary student, I have always had a bit of a one-track mind. Since I decided at the ripe old age of six that I wanted to be a veterinarian, I have been working single-mindedly towards that goal. From jobs to clubs to my personal life, everything has been about veterinary medicine. While … Read more

More than just a job

Over this winter break I had the opportunity to go to the National Western Stock Show in Denver for the first time as an internship with the University of Wyoming along with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. As part of this internship myself along with several other interns stood at a booth in … Read more

One of the Lucky Ones

The “real world” is about to make a visit at my front door. As I have begun the transition from being a college student to becoming an Agricultural Educator, life has been much different this semester. Instead of going to classes just a few days a week for an hour at a time, I now … Read more