Funding Graduate Success

What to look for One of the central issues facing graduate students on their arrival is wrapping their head around their funding. It can often be overwhelming at the start of a project to figure out how and where funding is coming from considering the ever-increasing costs of scientific equipment. However, by getting ahead of … Read more

Life After the Diploma

As  I enter into my senior year of college, the trepidation of graduation has begun to set in. As a student ambassador, parents have asked me one major question, “Did the University of Wyoming prepare you for life after college?” That is a question that I have pondered and even panicked over; however, after looking … Read more

African Antics

One of the greatest experiences I have had in college happened over this past summer. It started the semester prior when I started a job working in a research lab at the Wyoming State Vet Lab. It was a great job through the university that easily fit in with my school schedule. It became more … Read more