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Carolyn Hageman

Hey again!
If you didn’t already know, my name is Carolyn. This summer I had the opportunity to work with the Dean’s office in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as a Public Relations intern. I had SO much fun and learned A LOT. I got to take on many different tasks and projects that benefited me in many different ways. I got to work with people all over the college and gained some awesome experience. This was definitely something I enjoyed, and it really encouraged me to continue to pursue a career after graduation in public relations or journalism! Have a great semester!

Photo 15
John Lacey and Jessica Los

John Lacey, Jessica Los and Sami Jo Heitsch helped with freshman move-in 2013.  The Ag Ambassador’s were assigned to the Orr Loft Kit Team on Friday morning.  What great, kind faces to greet new students?

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