Beyond the Classroom

The College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources is home to 11 different majors. Each major includes a specific set of courses that prepare you to excel in your field, an extremely important component to completing your degree. But the College of Ag is also home to many opportunities outside of the classroom, including internships, clubs, judging teams, community service, and more.

Involvement in activities outside of the classroom allows you, as the student, to set yourself apart from your peers. These activities will connect you with other students, faculty and mentors that will help you succeed in your career. There are opportunities to complete internships that will allow you to decide what kinds of things you don’t like and do like, and it may even lead to a job. There are also opportunities to join a judging team whether that be livestock, meats, wool, meat animal evaluation, or soils. Each team will teach you decision making and communication skills while travelling the country and meeting lifelong friends. Involvement in clubs will also help you connect with other students and will give you a chance to learn more about a particular topic, many clubs take tours of local operations and businesses, allowing you to make connections with people and business owners in the area.

The College of Ag has wonderful resources to help connect you to these activities outside the classroom. Each week a newsletter is sent out listing new opportunities, jobs, and internships for students. Current and perspective students can reach out to their academic advisor for opportunities to get involved. Look for posters and flyers hanging around the Agriculture and Animal Science buildings and don’t be afraid to ask upper classman and Ag Ambassadors for advice!

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