Agricultural Education

The term ‘agriculture’ holds various meanings and importance to each person. A large majority of our population does not truly understand the importance of agriculture, but it is the world’s largest industry. Growing up in South-eastern Wyoming, I learned the importance at a young age. Agriculture is not only a lifestyle but a way to form a relationship between humans and the land. Agricultural producers are the original stewards of the land and must portray that concept onto younger generations who plan to carry on production agriculture. Producers convey pride when referring to their stock or their crops due to the hard work and time that was involved in the production. This significance guided me into the College of Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Natural Resources.

I will begin my fourth year within the College of Agriculture in the Fall of 2024, and it has broadened my horizons within the various fields of agriculture. I have always believed that I would be a Rangeland professional, but studying at the University of Wyoming has allowed me to gain knowledge in many different aspects of the agricultural industry. I have come to understand that within the realm of agriculture, every person has varying backgrounds, but the commonality is that we all share the same amount of eagerness in regard to this field. Consumers of agricultural products should be aware of the basic processes of which food and fiber come into our consumer realm as well as have a broad understanding of the industry.

Agricultural products are used by every person, daily. It is the world’s largest industry, which builds the economic platform through trading. It provides raw materials for food and other products, while supporting the livelihood of every consumer and/or employee of this industry. This industry provides fruit and vegetables, cotton for clothing, animal feed, pharmaceutical products, biofuel, industrial products, etc. Sustainable agriculture will provide for the continuance of these products, allowing the human population to continue to strive and grow.

Agricultural education holds significant importance, as our daily lives revolve around it. We should know where our food comes from, as well as the time that was taken to produce it. We should understand the agricultural industry, and support those who meet the needs of our growing population. Agricultural educators teach students about food and natural resources, but also a wide variety of skills to ensure success in career pathways. Despite the lack of a farm/ranch background, agricultural education can provide students with passion for production agriculture.

My time at the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture has been extremely beneficial and has been an opportunity to learn the various aspects of the Agricultural industry. I am eager to step into the field with the knowledge I have gained while continuing the trends of sustainable agriculture. Agricultural education is valuable for many reasons, but the most important is giving students the tools needed to pursue a career in agriculture. Continuing generational trends and improving our agricultural industry is detrimental to the survival of the world’s increasing population.

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