Ag Ambassadors were given a mad lib and asked to fill it out for themselves. Here’s what a few of them responded to the prompt:
Hello, my name is ____. I am __ years old and I am majoring in ____. My hometown is ____ and I really _____ it there because ______. I always dreamed that someday I would _______, and that dream has _____ true. I feel ____ about it now! Some things I like to do include ______. There are many things I am good at and one of them is ______. I did a really interesting thing once and that was ______. My family consists of ______. If I could change one thing about myself it would be _______. Still, I am really glad to be here right now because _______. I would really like to get together with anyone who would be interested in ______. The one thing I want to be remembered for is ______. As far as future plans are concerned, I hope to be ____ someday.