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In Weston County, we are happy to offer several community 4-H clubs and a few project clubs your youth can be part of!

Community 4-H Clubs are where much of the 4-H experience happens! In community clubs, members are enrolled in a wide variety of projects, and a club leaders provide overall leadership. Other volunteers work with members and their projects, and the members learn how to conduct meetings and hold different offices. Most clubs range from 5 to 25 members. Each club may meet regularly throughout the year or only part of the year, depending on the interests of both leaders and members.

Project Clubs involve a group of youth working with an adult volunteer leader on a single project, such as clothing, horses, or gardening. These are great clubs to be part of if you have a great interest in a specific project.

Below are the active clubs in Weston County. Click on the name of a club to find out more information!


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