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Preparing for Fair

Poultry showman should have a firm grasp of their individual birds, and at least a general knowledge of other types of poultry.  They should know general information about poultry: breeds, body parts, feed, combs, sickness, and diseases and how to treat, disqualifications and defects for their breed, what their breed’s purpose is (production, show), eggs, appropriate terminology (for example: pullet, cockerel, hen, cock), and any other knowledge about poultry.  The more knowledgeable they are about poultry, the better they will place.  Birds should be clean for presentation to judge, including their feet. 

We inspect each bird before they are allowed in the barn at fair.  I recommend to the poultry kids to use Poultry Dust a week or two before fair to treat and kill potential mites.  Dust should be rubbed in under the feathers on the neck, under each wing, and on the vent. 

For Poultry Questions reach out to Cindy Rhoades at cindyannmorris@hotmail.com

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