Fulfilling my dream with LUK Ranch Boutique

College has been a whirlwind of endless ups and downs, seasons of prosperity and downfalls, and growth. During my past three years here at the University of Wyoming, I have gained so much and found direction that I feel I would not have found in other places. College has been a place for my enthusiasm in my clubs and classes. It has also inspired me to follow a lifelong dream of mine! This summer, that dream became a reality when I dove headfirst into that dream and opened LUK Ranch Boutique.

This has truly been a huge growing point in my life as I have learned so about owning a business, marketing, and more. I created LUK Ranch Boutique with the intention of honoring the western woman. It serves not just as a fashion icon for many women around the world, but a symbol of life that many of us share throughout the west and the world.

My western heritage runs deep as my ancestors trailed some of the first cattle to southeastern Wyoming six generations ago in the mid-1800’s. My love of ranching and the western lifestyle stems from a bloodline of women who helped forge the way for their families in an environment that requires strength, passion, and bravery.

LUK Ranch Boutique was derived from the very brand that is on all of my own cattle. It’s very very special to me as it was handed down to me from my great grandparents. Two individuals whose hearts lived and thrived in the way of the west.

My goal for LUK Ranch Boutique is to inspire woman all over the world to express their passion through fashion and decor. We strive for that fashionable western look that will make a woman feel confident wherever she goes! Whether that is in in the arena, shopping, or working cattle!

My hope for other college students around the world and the University of Wyoming is to live your life following your aspirations! As Henry David Thoreau once said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagines.”

-Ashley Hyche

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