Be Prepared for Change

When a successful business-man is offering advice, its always wise to stop and listen to what they have to say. I recently had the opportunity to learn the three pieces of advice that Daniel Starks, a former CEO, wished he knew in his twenties. You can bet that I wrote down every bit of his advice, and I want to share what he had to say with all of you. I believe that you will find it just as helpful and inspiring as I have.

First, apply yourself. Knock the socks off the job that you don’t want. When you are gaining everything you possibly can from a mediocre job or simple task, not only will you be adding value to yourself, but people take notice of this type of attitude. You never know when it might open a door to another opportunity. Sadly, this mentality is not universal, and you will truly stand out when you attack a job with this in mind. If nothing else, this will also be great motivation for you to find a job you like.

Secondly, be ready to change and adjust. You may have your career and future all planned out, but chances are that for some of you, your future will look entirely different than you had planned it. Look for these changes and be ready when they happen. You can never be sure what is around the corner.

Lastly, be comfortable with change. Having a flexible mentality will make you more valuable to employers. When it comes to change, there are leaders, followers and blockers. It will not benefit you to be resistant to this change, since the environment around us is constantly evolving. Mr. Starks noted that learning a variety of skills will prepare you for future change and you will already be able to adjust.

A final piece of advice that Mr. Starks didn’t have to say, he has simply shown it through his actions and exemplified it throughout his life; give back whenever you get the chance.

-Makenna Greenwald

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